Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where Silence Takes You II

She saw her own discretion

in the way that she coyly clicked down rain slicked cobblestones

failing to follow the heavy crushing swell

of the advancing mobs

and in fact divorcing herself completely

from all the pride her parents once felt

what once seemed just a timid dream

had become the reason to swallow her screams

stowing away from so much make believe

and falling away from the long shadows

of gargantuan black buildings

she is preparing herself to be so bold

to find him once more

and never



Friday, April 4, 2008

waiting for you

several solar sigils blink out

passing into the low clouds below

this has happened several thousand times now

at the place where she raised her willowy arms above the horizon

leaving tender branches broken in the sudden wind

and you hum like a hurricane

such a sweet melody of regret

withering on the watchful burning breeze

sweet thing......

her collaboration with the sixth sense

a pact.

as midnight slowly stabs its way under the door

and drips between rows of overturned earth outside

on the cruel frozen farmland

we once called home.

you are a song.