Saturday, September 29, 2007


while everyone was still asleep

and a shy sun tried hard to rise

you took to the streets, still dark canyon blue

and crept down the flat rocks to the shore

while everyone was still as young as tiger eyes

you wept as starlight stained the snow

and fell asleep in the wild drifts

between two hills with your eyes closed

I heard them call it obsession

I closed the door, tasted the melting snow

and the faint sting of spring

in your impossible kiss....

Friday, September 28, 2007


the morning sun and the prince of evil

both in such a hurry to drown

a great green noise floods the air around us

and we're saving all our shrapnel

in the hopes to one day buy back our elevated garden

45 degrees

our estranged overgrown lazy platinum properties

our 4 magazine seasons tediously tended to

and your great hope that, that which truly matters

shall always be able to grow again

faith's in fashion.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


the dim crescent lunar

now cracking through slowly passing clouds

holding illimitable dominance over the shadow crowds

although each one seems to be aware of the consequences

I made 10 faceless enemies by sticking around for the show

all this is just a blur now

all this failing frequency finally letting go

it's the fear of you walking away

I remember the way you sang with the lights off

coiled around the trade winds blowing dust

from the old country lest you forget....

lest you somehow washed that taste of spent flares out of your hair

lest your faraway conscience and its legends return

it's the fear of you walking away

the crisp braids of Autumn loosen their architecture

and pardon the misery and hope you rented


melody and agony

with softly concerned faint guardian glances

illuminating sorrow

below the skies single eye rises

so slow to embrace the costly tides

faintly sparkling ascending assassin shining pale light

and approval

on this clandestine operation commencing below her own balcony

black buildings with all their faces looking like mine

onyx monoliths alive with patterns of spotted light

what lives inside lies and lasts forever

ever producing pain of loss

but tonight, oh tonight.....

a blind fever tracks the steady hands

of a pocket watch

no talking

tick tock ticking

base charges placed on flawed foundations

now counting backwards to free you from this

waiting for a twilight trigger

to welcome the explosion

the enveloping white light of loves release

smashing black buildings to ashes

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

to dance...

Green dreams frolic in scarlet skies

while there on singing sands does she lengthwise lie

recalling, falling paper angels what once was born

now sinking like ships on this cape of storms

soft glows her reflection in the still waters calm

as black buildings rise and keep her from harm

the night myth fills spaces where love once grew

crippled and blind still thought of you

and though each day drives us further apart

loves twilight violence preaches from her warriors heart

in the frozen world where winter tides swell

basking in cold dawn where all will be well

wild flowers and birds return to your ghost

as the four seasons colors collect on the coast

made three silent wishes for all that we knew

found the softest black star sky high and blew

it was then when those lost hopes at last did appear

and started healing hearts to shine through all your dark years

where green dreams frolic in the settling skies

slow dancing on singing sands with true tears in their eyes

spirit rising

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A memory of red cliffs

solitary white gull clearing the clouds

forest opens and creeps its first few steps on the warm red rocks

with her a few steps behind

there's a storm fence with large holes

A place protected

I thought I wanted to build a home for you there

peering over the edge

watching tidal curiosity come and go

while the surf spirals as emerald current gathers..

in this rock garden sown by the seas

you found a single starfish

holding on tight to a barnacled rock

as I held in to you the night before

tidal times and moments shimmer

on the scratched glass like brittle surface of the water

stretching waves yawn

as they crash their bouquets of foam against these waiting red rocks

10 years ago

she's shimmering in the breeze

another country away

down where we belong

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


brittle shaking generations of cities glittering

pavements host to city ghosts

now fully formed from small turquoise flowers

by believing he's inheriting all her hauntings

all her callings

though she's sold her heart sky high

laughing as the fluorescent lights flicker

providing a score

to the great glacier chasing

I fell hard to the ground and stayed

daring lighting to strike twice

wondering if the song would sound the same

had you remained

Monday, September 10, 2007

the smallest world

when it finally came to see you again

every last hope you ever had carried me to the sands

half asleep with sea birds calling

carried over the sea

on a rising tide of miserable unreal flowers

he's walking away through their grey morning

while she sits home up in bed building bleak possibilities

what's she trying to say?

what led her to these reflections?

speeding through tomorrows like a serpent through the acid rain

brave breaking lonely leaps

infused with the rose pink breath of pale dawn

shining signs through the sleeping pines dozing in a clearing

sunlight locks its jaws on the flattened tops of daises

all around

she's raining paper angels through the threats of razor winter

he's following her lead wondering what tears at this point,

can possibly wash away

he collects her waking puffs of morning breath

in lovingly cupped hands

inbetween slipping fingers

in things dreamed, said and had

in so far as you be gone....

and for what it's worth,

It was then that I watched the sky burst

and cascade a tempest of beautiful shimmering paper angels

around the capes where we shared a setting sun

Thursday, September 6, 2007


falling into patterns of resentment

now cornered with fair warning by his animal chorus


and on that night

swearing by cold comets passing by

he witnessed her as she swore to never be like them

blue white sands and it's night now on singing beach

moonlight performing on the water

as crescent lit ripples lap around bare ankles

A warm wind blows from those frozen black rocks

far away in the unfair distance

6 senses all glowing

through this wreath of gloom

and through all this do they patiently wait

for the sound of wings

her seven wonders all crumble in slow motion

suffering their stranded foolish tears

granting forgiveness

for breaking each others hearts

quietly calling night waves

daring them to dash...

where in the world...


move to music

willingly in chains

with the mask of time passing subtle victories

all clear

all inspiration

red rusting runaway moments

tend to your escape plans so beautifully

it is a privilege

to accompany your ghost

down your down your downward spiral

closing in to fix the shattered glass face

of that pocket watch

another 60 second sentiment

of a home high in the mountains


but now,

a spotlight of blue flames pacing slowly

there around your absorbing skin

there on the wing swept sands

shaking paper angels from the phantom wisps

the trailing auburn streaks in your hair

high tide


there burning high in this bonfire night

all those pictures of sinking ships

drawn by your slight steps on those cold white sands

will eventually be collected by the curious waves

waltzing and whirling ankle deep now

dismissing the cold

as the fire flickers reflected there in your dress

in concert with the starlight and bare white


dancing on December beach

Monday, September 3, 2007

sphere of ambition

sunlight strikes

drills hills, holes through the listless clouds

like a falling steel beam underwater

colored footfalls down strobe lit streets and hallways

inside storm windows rattle

with the nervous metallic sky

ready to break in compliance with the falling heavens

a hurried reflection flattens

and dances against the iron grain of the day

nimble around all the attention we never paid

even so, hope grows like ivy

slowly wrapping around

black bolted gates

paint flaking white and red rusted bridges

in the open evening like an industrial jawbone

your arms open as in crane flight

sleeping secrets away in flat plains

undercover 'till that wretched sun goes away

to escape these black buildings

shattering a monolith

with a bulls eye drip drip dripping

there on your proud breast

Sunday, September 2, 2007


she's raining away in empty rooms now

broken like bottles buried in the bottom of a dresser

safe from harm

safe from his eyes

an open window lures a dense humid cough of air

from another slice of sick summer afternoon

raised the red flags

for a coordinated attack on all those old love letters

something only an only child could understand

she should have thrown them away

when she heard that he had burned her verse

but they had a weird way of hanging on

like aurora borealis

clinging to the sky

paper angels fall around as a soundtrack to her sighs

to the faraway sounds of slow trains

ruined lives as the situation might imply

buried for so long

in the bottom of a dresser