Sunday, July 20, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart XII

I caught a glimpse too late

But made a vow,

As a way to see you again

Though eternity struggles to cope with now.

In transit moments of the shifting waves

I remember so clearly how your body moved

In the warm light of morning through frosted panes

There is love....

Where centuries of illusion called your name,

(Though now you are the trigger)

Though our beautiful paper angels,

(Created by the very fury of our love)

Have blinded the very voice of every black building that ever doubted us,

Overlooking the sea

Where the sun shines no more.....

There is love.

Through legions of faded hearts

As our scarlet guardians grow large in the sky

And razor Winter shatters for us in time

As our clear circle of terror turns in equal ways

Our future becomes the present,

And as we sleep we hope to dream...

Of a chance to begin again

Where are you?

There is love.....


Were I the one to design your heart XI

As my assassin I salute you

And pay respect to storm clouds of vanishing dreams

Bright lights of salvation burn

Through the last few remaining leaves

On the tree of life again

I have clearly seen your eyes through my maelstrom

And in the briefest, cruelest glimpse of final sunlight

As our comets crash

We slip Away again

And drowning you can't tell me

And I can't tell you....

( _ ____ ___ )


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart X

In reflection, 10 years ago....

When even the gulls were frozen

In muted skies of disbelief

When we were as simple as Autumn rain

The house we grew up in and the yard where we'd play

When Sundays traced by like slow motion

When razor Winter was so far across the ocean....

When I held you close in that room with frosted panes

When every song you shook from your hair sang my name

When your black army jacket danced in the breeze

On that October night you saved me from the sea

When war was just a spot on the news

And we walked through the snow with painted hearts on our boots

When we thought these days never end.

Could never end

How could I have agreed to go?

To pass into the open arms of sorrow while you suffered alone.

Still, torrents of paper angels fall from your hair

I hold you shining eyes with mine and swear.....

Nothing could have ever kept us apart

If only I were the one to design your heart.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart IX

Open your eyes

Tell me it's not too late

The darkest vehicle for the heart is the mind

And all you thought you'd left behind

Awaits patiently but not without mercy

To collect the debt we all must pay

And in submission and with regret

Her last kisses crash down, just for them

As every perfect grey day left

Overcast and open eyes

And a tiny shallow space

Where his broken body drifts among the splintered timber

There in the dreaming arms of the sea.

"I'm almost home"


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart VIII

A ruined truth blows through frozen flames

staring into glassy eyes

and for just an instant she thought she once held a name

aside from this tempest

the companion of razor winter's barbed wire skies

in a sixty second sentiment

she has lost her heart

and can only continue to run

so cold blows the wind

from this storm she has become