Sunday, February 24, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (pale amber breath)

gulls fall

red running wild

and each time she blinks

in the grey quicksand skies

a chorus of stars learns to burn from her eyes

ascending trailing beacons

that bore through cold clouds

while her ghost passes darkly

through slow moving crowds

bronze fields of wheat

in a veil of spring rain

he wears her black army jacket

though she never came

the wet sands have stopped singing

fireflies haunt those long dead fields of clover

and all the telephone wires above

hum along loudly in blue with him

in endless protest to her absence

gulls fall.

Monday, February 18, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (to see you smile)

perched on the melancholy horizon of emptiness

where she was so sure dark skies did shine

and trailed between their gentle gaze a warm spring breeze

that guided his morning kisses

to grace her sleepy eyes

She heard the rattling tin winds barely there

pass over her frozen seas

caressing the ivory breath, the cold curtain

of deceased December dawn

every mask for every season

and all the sad signs she made with slow hands

in the hopes to somehow call him back again

recalling your youth

and the name you once went by

in the home where luck grew in the garden

once cold ocean away

sealed with a kiss.....

You Were a Part Of My Life.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (you can't tell me.....)

patience in waiting

four formless shapes reaching for one another

in the early a.m. of 3:45

a massacre

the hill where you finally fell

splashed with stained glass rays

tall grows the heather where your beautiful body laid

the chattering, chirping sounds of children at play.....



and at any time

your passion for life does drift through the air

as a gently rocking boat

on soft grey overcast days

I'd stop time if it meant you could have read

the only letter I ever wrote you

I know you would have finally smiled

another year without you

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (taking you down with me)

there is a clock that has started

its slow sighs sign the canvas

hanging in her heart

winding wild ribbons

around the worlds they used to frolic in

before the distance gave them away

before the deep colours of sunset stopped rising

before the cracked mast of their final shipwrecked moments

there was a time you reminded me of summer

and the heavy air of the city we lived in

as black butterflies descended

in slow spirals from buildings

even blacker still

as heralds of the lunatic night myth

she saw his face again

in the still waters at her feet

perfect again

for just a moment

and then in resentment the soft snow falling

is lost in dark water cold waves crashing

where are you?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (shelter)

Great deceit in the starlit corners of your grin

we are the holders of shallow sleep


over the sunset lands and the quietly clicking shadows there


at the combined history of paradise and atrocity


the love of your enemy and let go of your prey


for the ghosts of all the shattered jewels you once knew...

she waits under a willow tree asleep

as warm winds hover around his branches

that gently grace her sleeping face

please don't let me forget you

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (released)

One bird flies forgiven from her heartbroken body

into the pearl white spotlit sky

where still time neutralizes apologies

and the dark purple dawn shines so bright

given time would that she one day might shine so bright

when every last easy colour is peeled away from night

he's taking away the sun and moon

so that he may better understand her face

unexpected but followed through

the call that never came

the fond beginning

where they were hardened by all the doors

that closed in their face

on a red raven Tuesday

she hums softly through her long dark hair

trying to put him back together through song

all the pieces of everyone you ever knew and loved

you will find again in pieces of other people

Monday, February 4, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (precipice)

There in the West waiting for one embrace

that no doctor or sunset could ever give

where copper trails of cloud do burn

above this slow spinning rock that awaits her return

it's been in the air since razor winter was born

her name as a cliff over a screaming cape of storms

and every piece of your life...

meant something wonderful to someone

this is what we were once made of

this is our six senses and seven wonders

another cursed number

is that all there is?

Friday, February 1, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (wasted)

too young to grieve

too old to start

A tunnel torn through your warriors heart

the way you crawled like a lion

while white stars burned fierce in your hair

a shining path

cracked under your dark velvet footfalls there

made his cold bones sing with bright blue light

made the misty blood of heaven whisper through last twilights

I broke my neck trying to catch a glimpse of your ghost

for love and for treason

for it's all in her mind