Thursday, December 20, 2007


You knew where you were at last

when you saw the place where the sky falls,

where the clouds crouch at the horizon

where an elusive crescent slowly sends

its long forgotten thoughts through the air

though no one can rebuild these writhing colours

with their new words for despair

the t.v.'s hands are tied

and there on the cold frozen grounds

below the towering black buildings

where razor winter bends the last starlight dusted smile

of the worlds that flicker under your eyelids

where love never dies

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

clouds and garlands

When where you hope to be again

is an idle dormant time

where the streetlights shine their soft golden haze

reflecting off deserted snow in those cold ocean days

when such a faded, sleepy gaze

repels the resting clouds and their flickering twilight glow

when nonetheless time turns and leans

heavy haunted and slow

still notes as puffs of warm air while you sleep on your side

still fears and calm your eyes too wide

as the world blows by

they remain as wills on winds

like a deep sea anchor

staring at these white out conditions

temporarily together again....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the source

she sent so many letters

but watched helpless from the balcony

as dancing sheets of rain washed the ink from the pages

she still blooms brightly in this diving silence

still trying to twist some sense of this view

from the archway

dynamic in slow moving metered steps

as her hair falls forward over the cascading rails

sending a new torrent of lovely lunatic paper angels

to the empty corners of rain slicked streets below

she watches captivated as her angels simmer sink and descend

but remains resentful of the way they fall so slowly

while she remains a guest of black buildings

looking for a moment to jump...

a galaxy in their hands

A casual glance from her Andromeda eyes

caters to the carpet of frozen rain

falling from the sharply painted skies and casting branches


two arrows is all I need to ask of you

through the heart of this slow moving season

there are no more feelings

as razor winter limps through this weary country

enamored at the violent poverty she sows

delighted at the crushing chords of decay in each cacophonous step

such a sick winter beast

a decoy redefined

behind her trailing through darkening days

dragging her snapped tethers and summers rusted chains

twisting through the barren fields

free from the Autumn warden

into the whispering realm of low shadows

she has etched the cruel beauty

of a frozen grayscale rainbow

into the stratosphere to remind us

of her temporary reign

all hail winter


drifting in the remorseful seas darkest cape of deepest starlight

the lively patterns of softly glowing fireflies

skimming the face of shame

blinking in 3's between the twinkling rhythm

of cold burning constellations

she learned their names so long ago

floating flat on her back

where there above silver streaks when winter meteors pass

six fires sing on the shifting shores

as she hovers, as she shudders

the stars shift to form a picture

eyes fixed and pressing the image to shaking memory

counting the plans and hourglass sands

announcing to lands we lived in

how forever feels so fleeting.....


listening to the chattering winds countries away

it's the closest we could ever get

to finding each others signs again

on a raised hillside smiling

snaking between the crescent moon

rhythmically waves the slow hope of a windmill

drifting between the blinking light and darkness

watching the shade invading your delicious grin

with one hand you cover your eyes

and mimic the broken backed gait of grief

felt by the final return

of your body's betrayal

as you lay your heavy head under those spinning arms

that slowly so slowly

and forever

wave goodbye

shimmering fields

I figured that no one would notice

when this curtain drew back

revealing your stone mask cracked

when listening means always being wrong

when the music of the seasons crackles and curls

when sleep is a dreamless dark tunnel

without a pilot to land us gently into waking daybreak

last winter you signed all your work with a match

with a slick clairvoyant flick of your ringless finger

you wrote a shocking hangmans testament to our time

always playing your assassins chord

always healing forevers fear with your rough pale hands

in the twilight pigments of an afternoon

heavily pregnant with humidity

a swirling cinema of dust shot to the leftmost corner of the sky

and took away the avatars eye

while down below they drift through their days apart

unintentionally mimicking

the slow almost invisible movements of sea life

folded hands in your smiling lap

ringless fingers


speaking 1 winged pigeon English to tall trees

ultimately that ring found its way down a drain

the resulting storm left us roofless for days

and gathering up petals

at the matte onyx base

of black bulidings

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Colour wheel

the intuition of oblivion

a red dawns rage shines through the delicate ash

carried on a carrion wind

through the corporeal body of the world

your nine frozen points of origin shuddering

stay cold even in this heat

filtered colours through the smoky clouds

create swirling twilight masks on all the pale faces

faces ever gazing upwards

Awoke a dreamer

No wind howling at the window now

A memory of slow crashing thunder now sleeps

in the pale light of this lullaby morning

bold perhaps but insignificant after all

all those dormant tears in your storm clouded eyes

all the secret chords in your voice

all the wind kissed drifts of driven snow

and every song you ever shook from your hair

playing so softly

like footsteps

in the cold golden glow of dawn

Friday, November 23, 2007

fabricated pushed aside

fabricated assumed and left to wonder

left unreasonable, solid at least


indoor said outdoor said searching for foot prints

that led to your door

led to your own remarkable heart

cut glass


filled about to burst overflowing and left to drown

in a split second decision stripped and exposed

washed out and washed away rusted chains

stain the days where time sheared away

these shared common moments

remembering a black and white sunrise


caught in a net influenced and distraught

taken away far from home


and walk on by shielded face from his eyes

walk on by walk on by

shield your heart from those eyes

A singularly hideous stiff upraised arm


charcoal smelling of sulfur

destroyed another piece chipped away

slipped away

some more fear some more love some more change

simply saw the last paper angel fall to the floor

low hanging branches heavy with snow

wrist shakes. points from the window

willow wisp cracked the frost

woke the forest as their dead arms

stretched frozen still for wanting apple blossoms

while exploring took care not to tread

harshly on the wind

they were it's guests after all

it's quest

one for all

it's gust that touches their blindside fall

spell cast within the cold it brings together now warm

between us became simply enough

your breath is beautiful

and neither eyes are open

but I had to take in that face

while the moon was peeking at us

buried there in perfection

becoming a root in the ground

twisting playfully is shy shadows

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Holding on tight like Christmas

to the white rusted rails

standing on the spot where you heard her kiss the ground

at the top of the steps

stood waiting to sirens smashing silence

as a prisoner of pines made ever ill

by their duality

surrendered there but no one noticed

6 waiting days call cresting winds

to the crashing thunder of hooves

the sound of your jewelry clinking in the wind

then muted against your soft dark hair

looking down the passionate knife point just outside your arms

the crumbling ghosts of your kisses trailing vespers

slow moving at the speed of a lifetime

living hidden in leaves changing

falling colours

10 years later

finally set each other free


the frozen green canopy slowly descending

we said we'd stay awake all night

10 minuets with you breaking down

blending colors through translucent petals still clinging to spring

in the empty realm

dark branches venting erratic fireflies from within the forest

there stands two black silhouettes suddenly falling

with the judgemental rain

tumbling through stark streets with frosted vision

catching signs of a royal wave goodbye....

bearing down brightly as angels exit this place

recalling rich purple comet trails blossoming

your wishes as a whisper

to the drifting starlight tides


a single branch dusted pink and wrapping around curled in a circle

ticks counter clockwise around her moon

as petals fall and scatter

she's coming

as cats call through the fleshy oak evening

as this longing has displaced itself in your absence

as we sit cross legged in fields of misery


through the thin stages of our bondage

your image treads the unsubstantial space for a moment

then drowns

watching as you grow smaller in the cool April haze


to join those howling stars

in the thorny


shrieking sky

I had to let you know...

peeking through small gaps in faded white fences

cloaked in frustration under the prevailing dusk

as it collects the last blueish breaths of the failing sky

high pitched melodic howling sounds

singular static bursts of electricity

driving those last faint clouds above to ruin

we threw out an old afghan to lay on the grass

as we sat and had our promised picnic after sundown

stopping time to stare for just a little while

at all of us

Thursday, November 8, 2007

the rolling echo of cannon fire

when it came time to take your place

concrete cracking hissing heat

awakened the terrible peril of your guardian angels face

causing our half swallowed silhouettes to twinkle in the sun

and all the free hearts around and near us

to breach the silent territories between us

reborn on the snowy streets that forgot us

your half opened eyes spilling sorrow

sent dry flowers to the ground

forming drifts

in endless devotion to all your Autumns

the searching eyes of the season isolates us from this

and sends us through the window as still life

Hymns of the heart blind dialouge

starlight dances off glass reflections

the timepiece casually ticking


casting long shadows on the beautiful planes of your face

once I heard your singing voice

like sharp swords shaking off the tender judgement

of devotion

listening as your ghost falls away from your clasped hands

as a cast silver cloud over twilight sands

the peaceful silence of slumber slow and steady

while dawn lovingly drapes

with cold pale grace

its comforting perspectives around your bare ankles

and puts the darkest corners to rest

just for a moment

just for forever.......

The View

at a slow rolling pace

moves the corpulent moon

through the cunning clouds of the night myth

crushing the curse of razor winter

scattering all attachment and devotion to this agile season

she stands adjacent to a still willow tree

listening to the west winds sifting through her hair

a forgotten concept of unfulfilled faith

essential as a catalyst for the inspiration that she will need

to endure a stint on the clicking overgrown rooftop gardens

of black buildings

when any sane person in her place

without her warriors heart

would fall forward and drown in the still grim waters of fear

the tall trees tower around us

but for her we'll wake to sirens.

tracing paper

Her intercontinental kisses entangled in dark stars

hiding and hanging there on high

where gravity and lunar notions graze on verdant silk pastures

of slow dancing pale passing grey nimbus

she reclines there arched on the sleek backbone of night

reflected in his rusting hazel gaze

feeling the specter breeze passing through her hair

held back with a dark diamond clip

until the pale warm lace of dawn does break

and this...

this is the moment when her lost and blooming eyes

her slight sighs of morning air

serve to dominate him so completely

and keep the shadows at bay

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lonely Birds

We spent an entire spring to hear this song

we whistled wondering what was happening back East

disguised dressed in black from head to toe

sending clandestine messages home

Summers thinning mask crashing into hoping for happiness

with your hands tied to tall trees that towered around

Falls feathers painting each day deep shades

of you

on the rolling five season mountains

flat against the cobalt sky

where there the broken seas did once shine

when then in lonely droves with winds crossed

so beautiful

chasing dormant days

chasing the love you never gave

over the inland sea

through the memory of sleep on a dark and comforting

maternal shore

between the delicious smiles of the thin air

There was a time...

so lovely.

we were one

Standing there soaked on the rain fields

in the absolute vacuum of your absence

in endless maze

weightless, past days...

the fiery swirling twilight on water still as glass

it looked cool to the touch even at that hour as we entered

A dedication that ran gold reflections

to coal black inversions

emerged half remembering the consequence of your devotions

twirling in a soft shower of ash

but failing to find the bitter and subtle beauty of a world blown away

to feel the pale pulse of your haunt

to hear about her standing there


standing there on our flooded roads

soaked to your beautiful bones on the rain fields

still, as somehow everything flows

in the absolute vacuum of your absence

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


sharp black angular edges and slopes of rooftops

affectionately framing the dark blue smokey skies

shimmering in the elegant ghost silver,

pale sliver lunar calm

they're slow dancing under an open umbrella

of gently pulsing stars

where waves and spirit crash brightly

where they were once cradled by the night myth

where the east wind sings

rustling fall colors on bended boughs

it was then that it finally became time

to find each others hands

in the times they never knew

when she finally began to accept her beautiful reflection

and turn silver to gold

when they at long last became that promised constellation

tenderly cradled by the night myth

Monday, October 15, 2007

The shallows

You needed something to cover your eyes

while trying to hold back your own hand from turning pages

changing times

blankets of sound


hard pressed to gain entry

to these ancient caves of memory

I brought all the books I thought I'd ever need

when all that really mattered was the paper

to make up

for what she needed so much to hear

snake charmer

In the church near Cabot St.

The pine sway chorus now frosted

pale light shining through the small basement window

where once she so loved to be there with hymn

now he's all moved out

the pictures so faded they look like your paintings

in kinship and in flames

misread the serpent

still loved you so dearly

coughing up dark water

on a train traveling the opposite way

as the last silver discs of pink twilight

sank under smokey overcast clouds

black mountain crowned

I looked desperately for you when the doors finally opened

as if such a memory could simply be made

by passing through the eyes

while cold wind whispers through the starlight shade

as your stone hands wave goodbye

as a world is blown away

Thursday, October 11, 2007


she hoped one day

to catch those ribbons of melody in the sky

and those lights....

that purple muttering sound

his words that thaw night like spring to ice

sounds like bright bands clasping tight

sounds like she might sleep tonight

and how can it be so cold in September?

Is it too much to ask him by moonlight?

By the faintest scent of holy basil

rose winds in the morning

tailwinds in the evening

traveling towards their annihilation

carefully selected, plucked then pushed away...

just remember the time

he tore through the rain fields to find you

to bring you back East

though it cracked those frozen blue jewels

on your cardinal mask

and as the city rises

they're singing their hurt over the sweet unknown

I still hear so much about them

dressed in black

in endless protest to each others absence

in desperate need of someone to put an end to this

in happily ever laughter.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Her fragrance forming mind fires and there on his right...

she's tenderly layering delicately blazing ropes

across the deep canvas of night

recalling the space of her rich brown gaze

and the lingering bass of her footfall

on old wooden floors when he awoke with fever

she ran for a damp cloth

shadows defining what would feel like heaven

all three red

twice with food and once before bed

a bright orange sun vanishes under the window

as her dress, drapes then slips to the floor

and her cold body coincides with his heat

He woke to snow with no one home

subtle icicles reflecting her bright smile

and to the great surprise of the dawn

and with all her love....

she revealed herself as the vast white plains of razor winter

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Your Core

toneless winds carry chimes that sigh

through the sliding grip of their clasped hands

that start the slow sinking engines of the great machine

solitude and quiet dreams

waking up in tall grass

still sticking together through all the endless decay

and since this season never ends I'll drink it away

inhaling long mists that wrap around graves

all laced up and ready to go

in a car with nothing but static whispers on the radio

the windows don't work

they've all been replaced by twilight films

the steering wheel is locked and we're speeding downhill

it won't be too bad

as long as you're there

as long as you...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

in the distance

stolen glances and alterations

to the soft shimmering haze of your silhouette

filling the sky with fragile words of hope

and today I believe after seven long years

perched on a broken bridge waiting out winter

as your Spanish galleon ran ashore to a field of cold roses

blooming in blue sepia tones

the sea breeze scatters the petals around your black army jacket

there's a frozen white horse in a musical glass globe

and inside it snows

while we're crawling through the hollows

sifting through the laughter of blown minds

patiently perched on your right shoulder wading through winter

as your love explodes like a frost grenade

in a slow serenade

the face of a season you can not remember

looking once more

at last tears in the mirror

Saturday, September 29, 2007


while everyone was still asleep

and a shy sun tried hard to rise

you took to the streets, still dark canyon blue

and crept down the flat rocks to the shore

while everyone was still as young as tiger eyes

you wept as starlight stained the snow

and fell asleep in the wild drifts

between two hills with your eyes closed

I heard them call it obsession

I closed the door, tasted the melting snow

and the faint sting of spring

in your impossible kiss....

Friday, September 28, 2007


the morning sun and the prince of evil

both in such a hurry to drown

a great green noise floods the air around us

and we're saving all our shrapnel

in the hopes to one day buy back our elevated garden

45 degrees

our estranged overgrown lazy platinum properties

our 4 magazine seasons tediously tended to

and your great hope that, that which truly matters

shall always be able to grow again

faith's in fashion.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


the dim crescent lunar

now cracking through slowly passing clouds

holding illimitable dominance over the shadow crowds

although each one seems to be aware of the consequences

I made 10 faceless enemies by sticking around for the show

all this is just a blur now

all this failing frequency finally letting go

it's the fear of you walking away

I remember the way you sang with the lights off

coiled around the trade winds blowing dust

from the old country lest you forget....

lest you somehow washed that taste of spent flares out of your hair

lest your faraway conscience and its legends return

it's the fear of you walking away

the crisp braids of Autumn loosen their architecture

and pardon the misery and hope you rented


melody and agony

with softly concerned faint guardian glances

illuminating sorrow

below the skies single eye rises

so slow to embrace the costly tides

faintly sparkling ascending assassin shining pale light

and approval

on this clandestine operation commencing below her own balcony

black buildings with all their faces looking like mine

onyx monoliths alive with patterns of spotted light

what lives inside lies and lasts forever

ever producing pain of loss

but tonight, oh tonight.....

a blind fever tracks the steady hands

of a pocket watch

no talking

tick tock ticking

base charges placed on flawed foundations

now counting backwards to free you from this

waiting for a twilight trigger

to welcome the explosion

the enveloping white light of loves release

smashing black buildings to ashes

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

to dance...

Green dreams frolic in scarlet skies

while there on singing sands does she lengthwise lie

recalling, falling paper angels what once was born

now sinking like ships on this cape of storms

soft glows her reflection in the still waters calm

as black buildings rise and keep her from harm

the night myth fills spaces where love once grew

crippled and blind still thought of you

and though each day drives us further apart

loves twilight violence preaches from her warriors heart

in the frozen world where winter tides swell

basking in cold dawn where all will be well

wild flowers and birds return to your ghost

as the four seasons colors collect on the coast

made three silent wishes for all that we knew

found the softest black star sky high and blew

it was then when those lost hopes at last did appear

and started healing hearts to shine through all your dark years

where green dreams frolic in the settling skies

slow dancing on singing sands with true tears in their eyes

spirit rising

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A memory of red cliffs

solitary white gull clearing the clouds

forest opens and creeps its first few steps on the warm red rocks

with her a few steps behind

there's a storm fence with large holes

A place protected

I thought I wanted to build a home for you there

peering over the edge

watching tidal curiosity come and go

while the surf spirals as emerald current gathers..

in this rock garden sown by the seas

you found a single starfish

holding on tight to a barnacled rock

as I held in to you the night before

tidal times and moments shimmer

on the scratched glass like brittle surface of the water

stretching waves yawn

as they crash their bouquets of foam against these waiting red rocks

10 years ago

she's shimmering in the breeze

another country away

down where we belong

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


brittle shaking generations of cities glittering

pavements host to city ghosts

now fully formed from small turquoise flowers

by believing he's inheriting all her hauntings

all her callings

though she's sold her heart sky high

laughing as the fluorescent lights flicker

providing a score

to the great glacier chasing

I fell hard to the ground and stayed

daring lighting to strike twice

wondering if the song would sound the same

had you remained

Monday, September 10, 2007

the smallest world

when it finally came to see you again

every last hope you ever had carried me to the sands

half asleep with sea birds calling

carried over the sea

on a rising tide of miserable unreal flowers

he's walking away through their grey morning

while she sits home up in bed building bleak possibilities

what's she trying to say?

what led her to these reflections?

speeding through tomorrows like a serpent through the acid rain

brave breaking lonely leaps

infused with the rose pink breath of pale dawn

shining signs through the sleeping pines dozing in a clearing

sunlight locks its jaws on the flattened tops of daises

all around

she's raining paper angels through the threats of razor winter

he's following her lead wondering what tears at this point,

can possibly wash away

he collects her waking puffs of morning breath

in lovingly cupped hands

inbetween slipping fingers

in things dreamed, said and had

in so far as you be gone....

and for what it's worth,

It was then that I watched the sky burst

and cascade a tempest of beautiful shimmering paper angels

around the capes where we shared a setting sun

Thursday, September 6, 2007


falling into patterns of resentment

now cornered with fair warning by his animal chorus


and on that night

swearing by cold comets passing by

he witnessed her as she swore to never be like them

blue white sands and it's night now on singing beach

moonlight performing on the water

as crescent lit ripples lap around bare ankles

A warm wind blows from those frozen black rocks

far away in the unfair distance

6 senses all glowing

through this wreath of gloom

and through all this do they patiently wait

for the sound of wings

her seven wonders all crumble in slow motion

suffering their stranded foolish tears

granting forgiveness

for breaking each others hearts

quietly calling night waves

daring them to dash...

where in the world...


move to music

willingly in chains

with the mask of time passing subtle victories

all clear

all inspiration

red rusting runaway moments

tend to your escape plans so beautifully

it is a privilege

to accompany your ghost

down your down your downward spiral

closing in to fix the shattered glass face

of that pocket watch

another 60 second sentiment

of a home high in the mountains


but now,

a spotlight of blue flames pacing slowly

there around your absorbing skin

there on the wing swept sands

shaking paper angels from the phantom wisps

the trailing auburn streaks in your hair

high tide


there burning high in this bonfire night

all those pictures of sinking ships

drawn by your slight steps on those cold white sands

will eventually be collected by the curious waves

waltzing and whirling ankle deep now

dismissing the cold

as the fire flickers reflected there in your dress

in concert with the starlight and bare white


dancing on December beach

Monday, September 3, 2007

sphere of ambition

sunlight strikes

drills hills, holes through the listless clouds

like a falling steel beam underwater

colored footfalls down strobe lit streets and hallways

inside storm windows rattle

with the nervous metallic sky

ready to break in compliance with the falling heavens

a hurried reflection flattens

and dances against the iron grain of the day

nimble around all the attention we never paid

even so, hope grows like ivy

slowly wrapping around

black bolted gates

paint flaking white and red rusted bridges

in the open evening like an industrial jawbone

your arms open as in crane flight

sleeping secrets away in flat plains

undercover 'till that wretched sun goes away

to escape these black buildings

shattering a monolith

with a bulls eye drip drip dripping

there on your proud breast

Sunday, September 2, 2007


she's raining away in empty rooms now

broken like bottles buried in the bottom of a dresser

safe from harm

safe from his eyes

an open window lures a dense humid cough of air

from another slice of sick summer afternoon

raised the red flags

for a coordinated attack on all those old love letters

something only an only child could understand

she should have thrown them away

when she heard that he had burned her verse

but they had a weird way of hanging on

like aurora borealis

clinging to the sky

paper angels fall around as a soundtrack to her sighs

to the faraway sounds of slow trains

ruined lives as the situation might imply

buried for so long

in the bottom of a dresser

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Wastes of Time IV

we began to believe

understand and separate these stranger days

these old wastes, wet stains of time

we rethought the patterns

rethought the words but remained the same

to tired to change

three eyeless gaze at the surrounding clouds

surrender to the love of crowds

our submission began the swift descent

How rightly concerned we were for future days

and never made it beyond the killing fields

all the professional words of the dying

we concerned ourselves with fractions of desire

a split second reenacted to stretch beyond life for the briefest of moments


and though we never heard the sound

or understood its true intention

the cracking shot rang loud and tumbling

as sanguine spilling spray hissed on cold November stone

steaming between the ghostly cracks

we gave the world

to hear the word

a limited engagement

to find life again

a hard thing to argue

a harder thing to hold....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Old Wastes of Time III

filled with reflections you will not be alone

watched there from up on high

the three eyes see as five

slide on by....

far above owned far beyond


a realm of shattered sound fixed the coming night

to stalemate

the pains of departure

your crescent moon lights a crooked path

betrayed the easy way out

a crisp breeze blows through the dead dragging leaves

from those spying eyes

letting you go

freedom began as a single solitary wish

ended with a smirk

the starlight flickers

fixed to destroy

Monday, August 27, 2007

Old Wastes of Time II

Folklore, a woven tale

spun in reverse

to see an end written, stitched into a picture

simply put, we all live with what we did or didn't do

now this place, blindfolded and spinning you 'round

then splitting

two worlds as a whirling top

one far away filled with good

one far away filled with evil

wonder where you sleep these days?

all these slippery silvery memories...

frozen guilt evaporating while time faithfully dies

refusing to sink

you still pretend to swim with pockets full of change

waging a war screaming

not drowning

escaped the buildings

destroyed the 7th secret

6 more for the number

left for those who are lost.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Old Wastes of Time I

A capable international first union

you felt it in your heart of hearts

despite all the car crash around you

all the unyielding tempered steel setback

despite the unending torrents of falling paper angels

shotgun sudden

looking removed and sucked dry

forcing this disintegration

employ your strategy of resignation

the sky glances over and bleeds dark night

A published confession

No more Lies

Friday, August 24, 2007

3 inches long 1 inch deep

tarnished scraping making irony

pleasantry whispering to moon moths


true waves armies line up to play

all against a corner, all that's left

darkness to hold stitching patchwork shadows

too much audience knocked back tracking moon beams

on the forest floor

the audience nervous wracking peeling eyes

single digit forced through the inside

nothing is preventing the faces marching in minds

tarnished scraping needle irony


dotting the cloudburst horizon

dripping sunlight sucking

these deteriorating films off the hushed grey town

that wanders within

and around the iris of your ash rimmed eyes

storm clouded eyes

six hands shake the room with dark drapes

where cat eyes glare green through the split shades

where the ice melts so slowly

when the moon submits it's reflection

in the gleaming dark iron phantoms

of a frozen firescape in December

where every breath of starlight

tucks us in

under a comforting canopy of midnight blue

where no north winds nuzzle up to you

there on the porch as you look out

with eyes ever searching

in the room where you made all these perfect

paper angels

Thursday, August 23, 2007


knee high is the swift green grass

the catering wind elusive in granting them

the time needed to taste it's sweet trails

as their efforts are hampered to piece together

those candy coloured moments from 10 years ago

her sisters smile to her looks exactly the same

and a dew splashed image appears

a single crippled lily sinking in a pond

shattered fragments of our entire magnificent




such passion for creating

a new north star now resides somewhere

in this hunched over haunted shell of a human

sitting on her heels with toes pointed inward

yet still gleaming with hope

one glowing coal

one more decade

all our miracles stay

on the planet that you made

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There outside the trainscape

hanging high in the air standing silent

amidst all the variety of colored cloud cover

none come close to smothering the rising moon

holding its permanent victory in a cocoon of night winds

while we look away in different directions

on different shores

still we both stand sympathetically apart

on this rotating rock

while there where the driver sits

the dark glass projects reflections straight onto the tracks

while the firefly collective outside spreads trails

that wound the proud dark night

and heals the suicide skies

Saturday, August 18, 2007

phoenix twins

wandering eyes alone in all this empty air

green dreams curled up fetal and fluorescent

lazy horrors hover on the warmish breath of the night winds current

no point of orientation in this place

even though it took them days to reach

he hesitates to listen

to stretch out his ears

to listen for a voice

the crushed iron throat of a dead giant

still heaving

the sickening sound of all these hanging things

making dull contact with each other

hollow thuds

in absolute defiance

in slow anger

with bits still clinging there against the pole

moon like an impossibly healing scar in motion

there she rises wetly

slowly growing older

in the deepening tenor of night

the blackness thins then mists away

and whirls the dawn drowning hues

around her form

her canopy

her labyrinth

her sixty second sentiment

summer dress

reborn and beautiful

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Elk

And once it never mattered

And twice did I ever care

Three times were all it took

Four for lost wishes

Five twilight's I've lived through

Six senses, that's one too many...

Seven tried to hard

Eight, lost it all

when once upon a time they were happy

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stone House

in disguise and walking through some far away hall of fame

on some rocky shore

all that dried paint ruined your brushes

from here on high dances the scattering crow winds

from here on high we're slightly hypnotized

by the confusing waves crashing coldly

on December beach

from here on out watching single gulls

erasing a path through the darkening skies

while those who moved away witnessed

blasted brushstrokes of cloud from vicious railways

mountains removed from cloud cover

send formations of birds westward to contradict the rain

from here on high the memory you hold

some sweet childhood together we missed

barely there

you concentrated on unclenching your hands

to cast a stone into that cold crashing spray

wanting to shake that forbidden fruit from your hair

to taste our time with all your broken arrows

planting flowers on that rocky shore

a refuge of orchids now grow there these days

petals kissing the ground

all whilst breathing in the familiar scent

of her razor winter

she is coming