Saturday, June 30, 2007


marked snow path scattered with the rising ground

the night myth

setting sun captures the rose clouds

grey rolling they regret their passage into dusk

take back the twilight sky spilling it's purple belly

on the face of the snow

I'll take care of it until you return

the saddest song

companion birds soar in dual hopes

sheltered in the armored branches of swaying pines

turned into a dark garden paradise

the last licking translucent rays of sundown

I'll keep it for you until you return

Tall pines sway the night at the edge of a cliff

on the night you left without a trace

and with it all my brand new hopes

The seasons change and days stay the same


knocks the door about glass taps raps and cracks

jazzy piano sluggishly mimics the humid breeze

thick clumps of tangled weeds

heading straight for the barbed wire

on a pale white charmed life

subversive sun drowns no words, no fears

finding faith in the boundaries

of a silently



for all the times you made me a thousand times better

better start over with a head full of joy

and a home blooms

like love in spring

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cedar Sleep Still Water

bullets carved thwarted solitude

solemn dark drapes

shut in the room

glowing outline inverted by the slight light

able to pass through

offered a hand touched soft twilight

the end of the day...

at night..marauding monsters insane and choking

faded into mist

blue mist, comforting patterns of flowers

able to pass through

or fall into dreaming

by a rocking chair

a slightly warm breeze

there on unfolding vistas of slumber

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

stand off

The barrier smokes

uncollected scraps

the wreckage contains several recipes for hate

began by love, scattered souls ascend

to a paradox of paradise

in the proud face of decision

we just pay the boatman for passage

never asking questions

we sing out to a rare bird

and are forced to swallow words

making the long march

making the journey through the arch

intact we see, sense not a thing

feel the shadows crawling

leaving their mist in our eyes

we sing out to a passerby

but make no noise at all

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Reflection

The softest sigh

tears through the rain fields of an overcast 17 sky

diamonds shatter glinting points flash patterns

rippled wind waves

emerge from rising sun

what would I call you if I could call you again?

two doors down, three more days of this

where have we been?

regardless of so many mistakes set in slow motion

it never makes it easy to see you go

uncomitted clouds

trailing tails leaving fingerprints and azure arcs

in the distance there

so high there

through the plastic coated web of wires

that segregate the sky

and house so many words....

so much noise

there on a trembeling hill with arms held high

shouting "brighter now"

and even if they could stay forever

in these tall grasses


as the world and all it's gold drifts by

and even if all the unseen spaces

were suddenly made visible

the chance arisen to contain and rectify

so many mistakes made in slow motion

even then...

even if it was never they but we

even then

I'd wait in low reeds to catch just a glimpse

of that smiling face again.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


mirrors worth a thousand memories

the after image red in retaining

retire the passerby and bury me deep

now cover the spot with wax

and trace a path with the wet licked tip of your finger

for the spirit to travel

ever after the stained walls wavering

ever after that room where she lay stretched out on cold stone

what were those archaic books?

and in what language was that did I hear you smile?

float forgetful and bury me deep

Are you now rising where we last set?

met first and ended up?

Are you prizing your victory for never showing up?

tidal trials and you know I can't skip rocks

any further then I can swing from trees

I want you to know where I lay.

Friday, June 22, 2007


receiving reflection

dated past lines in the face

worn out, cared for constructed patterns of love


but over these lines, holes and canyons of pain

knowledge best borrowed

truth best forgotten

she sweetly shakes the snow

from her soft brown

whispering hair

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Diving Off A Balcony

a look affected, a sun behind

a source that has the patience of spiders

faded pieces pink and soft left to detail

the crisp rich air in three dimensions

bleached out

brushed out

a look affected, a sun behind

a source that has the anger of a liar

jaded prices drink and drive

the detail of memory


out there in these intentions reached out

crushed pattern insipid

a denied flight

time died to surpass desire

circles of confusion

a technique

escaped the buildings black

The last to learn flight.....

frozen moments

out here the flowing breeze dances sand twisted rusty footprints


slow sinking smiles find their way

to the base of a cutglass heart

the shadow tip slow moving glacier of a moonless night

echos endlessly onward

the rosy grey clouds glisten

and cover the smokey breath of twilights last flicker

distant drums encourage us onward

but always quite alone

quietly alone to ourselves we promise no hope

no help

to understand is to fail in the sinking quicksand

red letdown broken wheel embrace of a shade

to believe is to hurt as we took what we could

then sold it so shotgun suddenly

a silent place looming

abruptly laughing and dissecting this razor prelude

to winters sleepless redemption

not swimming

not drowning

believing in strength

and falling into hands held high


Elegance, breathtaking sadness

minor chords

rhyme minor joys in a catalyst of changing leaves

dying dreams

malaise and sickness on this cardiac night

constricts and tightens unescapable landscape


streatched out always receeding

Always needing a hand to hold

once thought through once fought through doubts

now shouts alone, far from home

and Razor winter peels off another layer of fall

leaves it dead amongst swirling reds

now brown and brittle

the cutting cold

collaspsing sinking leadweight

sinking deadweight

No surprise that the lurking violence

is stored in the changing crushing seasons

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Through The Window

And what time does the ravenspeak restless

star drinking foggy nights black heart tendrils coil

around ankles dragging downwards

simply confusion simply confusion

desolate desolate desolate desolate desolate

desolate desolate desolate desolate desolate

desolate desolate desolate desolate desolate

simply confusion

summer days turn to snow regurgitates

the last gasp of fall

the last tattered sailing ship

golden on the sweeping seas, the image of traveling onwards

moving onward destruct dancing pure heart nothing partial


turn the page

Monday, June 18, 2007

Glistening Glazed So Far Away

The star clustered night bright diamonds

shine in the blue velvet cradle embrace

the first peek at Razor winters love

moon tucked in behind a cloud

lost wishes in the tide turning shadow stipped sound

A halogen halo above beckons the night wings home

with the promise of warmth

always quite alone


display casual grace

a disturbing elegance to acquit the sense

of heart racing restlessness

sat back, leaned into myself and fell far away

into a shadow suffering cut glass reflection

of a foreign language

display a casual grace and hope for the word

"we give the world"

and when I said it I truly meant it

did I know then that it would be

this tar sticky heart racing waiting game

killing time

all this time wasted perfecting

another sunset perfect verse

toss it away on the nuclear wild wind


rays of glowing, through the window

a concrete burial

reflecting the metal on my black wrists

my boxed in black listed affections

for storm clouded eyes

she sits and wonders

chokes back the sadness and wanderlust

but with a purpose

that truth will only be realized through strength

and a helping hand will follow

and guide

cry from the shy

burn from the inside

and feel paper angel tears

who lend hands to carry our weight on their shoulders

beholding this....all we have created

like some giant spiderheart

like a skeleton dancing man

these angels shudder and shake in the confines

of our grief

we give the world

we wait for the word

quite alone

Another Day

twisting over green spiral screens

shielding screams

echos crack the fields, purple shadows cast overhead in a finale

the sun is broken against the night as it's belly rips open and bleeds

into the horizon

shiny stars scar the black sky with their white pulse

some are brighter then others

I know she sees them as he does

and I feel comfort for this

destroy the neon in your life

the girl from yesterday,

I choose one high, one far away

say my wish,

breathe you in, and blow away another day


suffer and live, suffer through

the worn torn fabric of confidence

shatter a grid-like exsistence

pride died on razor winter's horizion

prethought and preordained this separation

always just a day away

a dream away

a house on a hill solid against the blue black night

no snow but icy cut cold air wraps around breath

dancing wisps, layered lights on rooftops below

a scatter...organized chaos

Imitating paradise

what shines through, A will....

dirty and primary darting emotions in the wind

lost kite descends towards the heavens

forgetting and falling upward into the squall

of razor winters smile

left with a soft limp string

quite alone

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A bell ringing set the clouds aflame enveloping....

low noise constant and containing within these words

within the mind, solid shapes erased and formulated into new things

grown garden forgetting to water and nurture to carve care away

A stone faced parent in the spotlight of heaven

regarded a moment as fleeting

this book chained shut

reminded us of music in the air, slow fade sudden sunrise to greet

to grate

and starve this emotion, tender taken and locked away

put the key in a dry safe place once to say

twice to stay

and how it's aged since you've been away...

a flick of your wrist

locked away

a slash of my wrist locked away

lock of hair still kept in a braid

complete and at the end of this road

flowers wilting, blooming destruction is all around

the sound of crowds

and razor winter has failed

and we have mended with needle and thread.


Joy empty on the floor

belongings on a pile

arms around material covered with dust

to awake from this despair dense somber submitting sleep

from a loud ringing way outside an anchor to reality

A lost moment found in the last angel paper

torn off the wall used and fallen

smudged teary charcoal never happy

illusion, we had time to feel joy...

it stripped away those last may days

played out on the floor with the last angel papers all falling

all failing a personal deadweight lost wish failure to compensate

for what your fault is (departure)

dealt with an episode withdrew from the shellshock to hold

apocolyptic and unresolved no solution yet at this point...

reconsider while these restless letters come over weeks

and days fade to months fade to earth covers hope

bury me deep and bathed in the glow of loves white light

a purity on both sides nothing can touch the first innocent ray

starlit I felt for you

when I fell for you you still falling

for you still calling for you

from phone booths

oppresive lightmare sunsets long ago

freezing cold your warm wave

became a fire to demonstrate that this was in fact, real

but there is no gravity over telephone whispers

so there was the fault

non-belief to blame

put to shame when they were there

reached out for

hit the floor and called your name

called degredation nothing much left to say

but where?

and this mourn still crusades slowly by inside my head

your beauty is just as pure as before and perhaps one day

you'll see it set long and drawn extending from your toes

( ) and I'm sorry I carry both our hearts

both our weight in the worlds

that all the overboard tears in all the sunsetting eyes

in all the world

could never hold back.


Sunday, June 10, 2007


well,just a test post really...
everything from here on in will be....