Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nothing, Nowhere, Never

Small translucent petals stuck to your skin

Dance away in the breeze

And seasoned the October winds

I heard your halo slowly form

As cold crashing ships

Above us drift

Catching their massive misty sails

On the child like limbs of slow burning stars

I thought of how impossibly warm your palm was

Though slipping away

So far away

Your voice is the only one I can still clearly hear

Whenever I open my mouth to scream

"How long can you wait?"


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

stay awhile...

It's hard to ever know

which worlds have ended with your words

and harder to know just when.

I thought I saw a small light there

glow for just a second

within the edges of the frame where we had been

I turned you over in my hands

and traced the image

of that long gone town

A photograph

A cardinal mask

that you wore as your phantom crown

And there where the clouds used to gather,

on the hill where we used to play,

A simple fact

has come to pass.

"When we look, we look away"