Monday, March 31, 2008

Where Silence Takes You

trickle down......

well water wasted on another crack in the ground

Just for a short while we stood


and stuttering I told her that flowers

were never the best way

to say "I'm sorry"

or i would have thought of it days ago

and trembling I left to walk up that hill

one step and one word at a time

thin branches still reach for the moon

among drawn shade

and frozen roses

softly soaring between the golden rings around your eyes

and an endless avenue of leaning birch trees

I haven't slept in days

for fear that you may vanish again

Monday, March 24, 2008

in passing

calm waters collect around low branches

a distant call on red wing point

a distant siren fading on highways

she's standing at the edge of a short pier

facing out into the distance

while black braids dance darkly

around her smouldering shoulders

one hand closed, clutching hope

one stretched open for the hand of his ghost

the sun sits frozen between the trees

blinks out and peeks over cold seas

a gift unopened placed at her bare feet

and the old boards creak where they used to meet

they give the world...

they wait for the word.....

the gift

the same strange dance for six years straight

the conqueror of the moon's quiet pale face

with her sly September grins

she's carrying a bouquet of northern lights

clutched close to her cradle

red running wild

she sees his last smile

underneath the sheets

where bright nights dim

in time, in tune with the receeding winds

remembering green tides of times frozen

she's searching all day on December beach

for a calm spot to lay

her final gift to him...


If only there were a way

to call you back

I'd fly like a phoenix

into your arms.....

Friday, March 7, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (a mourning crown of phantom silk)

There she stands in the center of the room

dark green velvet smile and twilight hues

as though the silvers in the paper had come alive

she seems to be three people tonight

and this time seems different from all the rest

inches apart and in the dark

she guides his hands towards her heart

as lips tenderly brush just once

under falling fabric of winter dusk

which instantly fades with the coming morning light

to become just a hazy ghostly token

of times never spent

they knew no future together

but in moments of recollection..........

10 years ago when,

a braided length of hair was his most treasured possession

and how time seems to take great pains

to move so slowly at times like these

reflecting regrets in blinding bright diamond shine

they still sometimes wake

with tears in their eyes.