Friday, March 7, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (a mourning crown of phantom silk)

There she stands in the center of the room

dark green velvet smile and twilight hues

as though the silvers in the paper had come alive

she seems to be three people tonight

and this time seems different from all the rest

inches apart and in the dark

she guides his hands towards her heart

as lips tenderly brush just once

under falling fabric of winter dusk

which instantly fades with the coming morning light

to become just a hazy ghostly token

of times never spent

they knew no future together

but in moments of recollection..........

10 years ago when,

a braided length of hair was his most treasured possession

and how time seems to take great pains

to move so slowly at times like these

reflecting regrets in blinding bright diamond shine

they still sometimes wake

with tears in their eyes.


CY said...

Awwww. :(
This feels muted, like it's underwater and in slowmotion.

snakedance said...

that is exactly how it felt......
spot on.

cloud of birds said...

So rich and lyrical! And touching. I love the title...

snakedance said...

thanks so much cloud of birds..
one of these days I would love to work your name into a poem...
with your permission of course..
"cloud of birds" i do love that image.

cloud of birds said...

I'd love it if you used cloud of birds in a poem one day!!

snakedance said...

will try to incorporate it soon soon then;)