Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Single Cloud Covered Bird Alone and Out Of Focus

So here we are

We sit like plaster saints

On a black bed frame in a quiet old house

We used to have a future

5" wide and 1" deep

In such a quiet old house

With the sky painted in that half finished way

A quiet canticle of dawn

That neither of us will see



yuki taira said...

I allways bring my dictionary when I read your poems:-D

I can read the words,but I can't understand what it means

okay...I must study hard hard HARD!!!

snakedance said...

thank you so much for looking at these pages. It really does make me quite happy!

Anonymous said...

love this one.

snakedance said...

Thanks so much Manny D. If you ever want a print please let me know and I will send some out to you