Thursday, February 14, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (you can't tell me.....)

patience in waiting

four formless shapes reaching for one another

in the early a.m. of 3:45

a massacre

the hill where you finally fell

splashed with stained glass rays

tall grows the heather where your beautiful body laid

the chattering, chirping sounds of children at play.....



and at any time

your passion for life does drift through the air

as a gently rocking boat

on soft grey overcast days

I'd stop time if it meant you could have read

the only letter I ever wrote you

I know you would have finally smiled

another year without you


Anonymous said...

Hi! Snakedance! I like "kotosi saigo no yuki no hi" series. Beautiful... bernie

snakedance said...

Thank you so much bernie.
there are a few more left to publish to finish this series........
stay tuned for the finale.
all the best.