Sunday, February 24, 2008

kotoshi saigo no yuki no hi (pale amber breath)

gulls fall

red running wild

and each time she blinks

in the grey quicksand skies

a chorus of stars learns to burn from her eyes

ascending trailing beacons

that bore through cold clouds

while her ghost passes darkly

through slow moving crowds

bronze fields of wheat

in a veil of spring rain

he wears her black army jacket

though she never came

the wet sands have stopped singing

fireflies haunt those long dead fields of clover

and all the telephone wires above

hum along loudly in blue with him

in endless protest to her absence

gulls fall.


johno said...

Wonderful photograph (this girl is really something special) and absolutely beautiful words--sent a shiver through me. I really do hope you publish these some day.


snakedance said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy to hear them...
I will tell her you said so. I'm sure she will be very pleased to hear it! We have another shoot planned in a few weeks time. Perhaps you would like to join us for the shoot if you are free?

I would like nothing more then to put together a volume of work in published form but have not the faintest idea of even where to begin for that...

ah well...
One day i hope.
thanks again friend.

Horrorwood said...

This whole series is wonderful.I think we have to work towards getting these published with your photos. I'm picturing a tall book with an all black cover embossed with black lettering. Get John in on the type setting and we'll be away. Self-publishing could well work.

snakedance said...

Deepest thanks friend...
that would seriously be a dream come true.
I still credit you in a major way for getting me back into creative endeavors.
I owe you big time.