Friday, November 23, 2007

fabricated pushed aside

fabricated assumed and left to wonder

left unreasonable, solid at least


indoor said outdoor said searching for foot prints

that led to your door

led to your own remarkable heart

cut glass


filled about to burst overflowing and left to drown

in a split second decision stripped and exposed

washed out and washed away rusted chains

stain the days where time sheared away

these shared common moments

remembering a black and white sunrise


caught in a net influenced and distraught

taken away far from home


and walk on by shielded face from his eyes

walk on by walk on by

shield your heart from those eyes

A singularly hideous stiff upraised arm


charcoal smelling of sulfur

destroyed another piece chipped away

slipped away

some more fear some more love some more change

simply saw the last paper angel fall to the floor

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