Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hymns of the heart blind dialouge

starlight dances off glass reflections

the timepiece casually ticking


casting long shadows on the beautiful planes of your face

once I heard your singing voice

like sharp swords shaking off the tender judgement

of devotion

listening as your ghost falls away from your clasped hands

as a cast silver cloud over twilight sands

the peaceful silence of slumber slow and steady

while dawn lovingly drapes

with cold pale grace

its comforting perspectives around your bare ankles

and puts the darkest corners to rest

just for a moment

just for forever.......


JOHNo said...

Sublime. I love the concluding lines--beautiful; and what a beautiful girl too. She has that "forever" look in her eyes.

snakedance said...

thanks so much johno!

in an odd sort of way I sometimes feel like those fleeting moments are much more lasting then if you had spent years with a person...

if i had the resources I would make huge prints of this series. Poster size.

maybe someday:)

you'll be the first on my list to give one to!