Sunday, November 11, 2007


the frozen green canopy slowly descending

we said we'd stay awake all night

10 minuets with you breaking down

blending colors through translucent petals still clinging to spring

in the empty realm

dark branches venting erratic fireflies from within the forest

there stands two black silhouettes suddenly falling

with the judgemental rain

tumbling through stark streets with frosted vision

catching signs of a royal wave goodbye....

bearing down brightly as angels exit this place

recalling rich purple comet trails blossoming

your wishes as a whisper

to the drifting starlight tides


CY said...

Haven't been here in a while. This one is pretty. I like it because it takes me out of this dreary winter.

snakedance said...

thank you cy! so good to see you back!!
I'm happy to be able to share a little warmth;)
it is freezing where I am right now too...
although perhaps not for much longer.
planning to embark on a very very very long flight next week which will give me lots of time to write...
a welcome respite to my normal chaotic life.
kind of...