Thursday, December 20, 2007


You knew where you were at last

when you saw the place where the sky falls,

where the clouds crouch at the horizon

where an elusive crescent slowly sends

its long forgotten thoughts through the air

though no one can rebuild these writhing colours

with their new words for despair

the t.v.'s hands are tied

and there on the cold frozen grounds

below the towering black buildings

where razor winter bends the last starlight dusted smile

of the worlds that flicker under your eyelids

where love never dies


cloud of birds said...

there is so much atmosphere in your writing. and beauty and longing. words that reach across the room, the city, the sea... into the hearts and minds of others.

johno said...

It has been too long since my last look at these hallowed pages.

I'm with "cloud of birds". Also on a slightly more mundane note, there are so many beautiful and memorable two-word combinations: razor winter is gorgeous. I also find your poems quite uplifting despite the shadow cast on them. Thanks, Adrian--this one made my day.

CresceNet said...

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snakedance said...

thank you all for such kind comments. As soon as I get a new computer I shall begin posting about 5 times a week again.. I have 2 small books worth of material but alas no machine with which to publish...
please stay tuned
much love.