Wednesday, December 5, 2007

shimmering fields

I figured that no one would notice

when this curtain drew back

revealing your stone mask cracked

when listening means always being wrong

when the music of the seasons crackles and curls

when sleep is a dreamless dark tunnel

without a pilot to land us gently into waking daybreak

last winter you signed all your work with a match

with a slick clairvoyant flick of your ringless finger

you wrote a shocking hangmans testament to our time

always playing your assassins chord

always healing forevers fear with your rough pale hands

in the twilight pigments of an afternoon

heavily pregnant with humidity

a swirling cinema of dust shot to the leftmost corner of the sky

and took away the avatars eye

while down below they drift through their days apart

unintentionally mimicking

the slow almost invisible movements of sea life

folded hands in your smiling lap

ringless fingers


speaking 1 winged pigeon English to tall trees

ultimately that ring found its way down a drain

the resulting storm left us roofless for days

and gathering up petals

at the matte onyx base

of black bulidings

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