Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a galaxy in their hands

A casual glance from her Andromeda eyes

caters to the carpet of frozen rain

falling from the sharply painted skies and casting branches


two arrows is all I need to ask of you

through the heart of this slow moving season

there are no more feelings

as razor winter limps through this weary country

enamored at the violent poverty she sows

delighted at the crushing chords of decay in each cacophonous step

such a sick winter beast

a decoy redefined

behind her trailing through darkening days

dragging her snapped tethers and summers rusted chains

twisting through the barren fields

free from the Autumn warden

into the whispering realm of low shadows

she has etched the cruel beauty

of a frozen grayscale rainbow

into the stratosphere to remind us

of her temporary reign

all hail winter

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