Sunday, June 17, 2007


Joy empty on the floor

belongings on a pile

arms around material covered with dust

to awake from this despair dense somber submitting sleep

from a loud ringing way outside an anchor to reality

A lost moment found in the last angel paper

torn off the wall used and fallen

smudged teary charcoal never happy

illusion, we had time to feel joy...

it stripped away those last may days

played out on the floor with the last angel papers all falling

all failing a personal deadweight lost wish failure to compensate

for what your fault is (departure)

dealt with an episode withdrew from the shellshock to hold

apocolyptic and unresolved no solution yet at this point...

reconsider while these restless letters come over weeks

and days fade to months fade to earth covers hope

bury me deep and bathed in the glow of loves white light

a purity on both sides nothing can touch the first innocent ray

starlit I felt for you

when I fell for you you still falling

for you still calling for you

from phone booths

oppresive lightmare sunsets long ago

freezing cold your warm wave

became a fire to demonstrate that this was in fact, real

but there is no gravity over telephone whispers

so there was the fault

non-belief to blame

put to shame when they were there

reached out for

hit the floor and called your name

called degredation nothing much left to say

but where?

and this mourn still crusades slowly by inside my head

your beauty is just as pure as before and perhaps one day

you'll see it set long and drawn extending from your toes

( ) and I'm sorry I carry both our hearts

both our weight in the worlds

that all the overboard tears in all the sunsetting eyes

in all the world

could never hold back.


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