Wednesday, June 20, 2007

frozen moments

out here the flowing breeze dances sand twisted rusty footprints


slow sinking smiles find their way

to the base of a cutglass heart

the shadow tip slow moving glacier of a moonless night

echos endlessly onward

the rosy grey clouds glisten

and cover the smokey breath of twilights last flicker

distant drums encourage us onward

but always quite alone

quietly alone to ourselves we promise no hope

no help

to understand is to fail in the sinking quicksand

red letdown broken wheel embrace of a shade

to believe is to hurt as we took what we could

then sold it so shotgun suddenly

a silent place looming

abruptly laughing and dissecting this razor prelude

to winters sleepless redemption

not swimming

not drowning

believing in strength

and falling into hands held high


johno said...

I really like this line:
"slow sinking smiles find their way". I'm looking forward to more...

snakedance said...

thank you for having a look..
I will try to do one a day with images.
how are dealings with Visa stuff?