Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Reflection

The softest sigh

tears through the rain fields of an overcast 17 sky

diamonds shatter glinting points flash patterns

rippled wind waves

emerge from rising sun

what would I call you if I could call you again?

two doors down, three more days of this

where have we been?

regardless of so many mistakes set in slow motion

it never makes it easy to see you go

uncomitted clouds

trailing tails leaving fingerprints and azure arcs

in the distance there

so high there

through the plastic coated web of wires

that segregate the sky

and house so many words....

so much noise

there on a trembeling hill with arms held high

shouting "brighter now"

and even if they could stay forever

in these tall grasses


as the world and all it's gold drifts by

and even if all the unseen spaces

were suddenly made visible

the chance arisen to contain and rectify

so many mistakes made in slow motion

even then...

even if it was never they but we

even then

I'd wait in low reeds to catch just a glimpse

of that smiling face again.

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