Sunday, June 17, 2007

A bell ringing set the clouds aflame enveloping....

low noise constant and containing within these words

within the mind, solid shapes erased and formulated into new things

grown garden forgetting to water and nurture to carve care away

A stone faced parent in the spotlight of heaven

regarded a moment as fleeting

this book chained shut

reminded us of music in the air, slow fade sudden sunrise to greet

to grate

and starve this emotion, tender taken and locked away

put the key in a dry safe place once to say

twice to stay

and how it's aged since you've been away...

a flick of your wrist

locked away

a slash of my wrist locked away

lock of hair still kept in a braid

complete and at the end of this road

flowers wilting, blooming destruction is all around

the sound of crowds

and razor winter has failed

and we have mended with needle and thread.

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