Thursday, July 3, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart VIII

A ruined truth blows through frozen flames

staring into glassy eyes

and for just an instant she thought she once held a name

aside from this tempest

the companion of razor winter's barbed wire skies

in a sixty second sentiment

she has lost her heart

and can only continue to run

so cold blows the wind

from this storm she has become



johno said...

This is sublime. The photograph is one of my favourites too. I'd like to order a print, sir.

snakedance said...

Thank you so much John. I can certainly make a print for you if you like! Thank you very much for visiting. Always good to hear from you!

Jim777 said...

Hi Adrian,
great work here. Very interesting stuff. There is beauty in your photos and poetry. Thanks,

James Worth

snakedance said...

Thank you very much James! I am very happy to hear that from you! Thank you much for your kind words. I just finished a new series of photos three days ago which I should be posting fairly soon...
Do come back for a look:)
All the best!