Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart IX

Open your eyes

Tell me it's not too late

The darkest vehicle for the heart is the mind

And all you thought you'd left behind

Awaits patiently but not without mercy

To collect the debt we all must pay

And in submission and with regret

Her last kisses crash down, just for them

As every perfect grey day left

Overcast and open eyes

And a tiny shallow space

Where his broken body drifts among the splintered timber

There in the dreaming arms of the sea.

"I'm almost home"



CY said...

I do love your brooding autumn ones the best. I wanted to read them all at once. It's always a joy. xoxo

snakedance said...

thank you so much for your comment...
I wish October would last for 12 months.