Sunday, July 20, 2008

Were I the one to design your heart XII

I caught a glimpse too late

But made a vow,

As a way to see you again

Though eternity struggles to cope with now.

In transit moments of the shifting waves

I remember so clearly how your body moved

In the warm light of morning through frosted panes

There is love....

Where centuries of illusion called your name,

(Though now you are the trigger)

Though our beautiful paper angels,

(Created by the very fury of our love)

Have blinded the very voice of every black building that ever doubted us,

Overlooking the sea

Where the sun shines no more.....

There is love.

Through legions of faded hearts

As our scarlet guardians grow large in the sky

And razor Winter shatters for us in time

As our clear circle of terror turns in equal ways

Our future becomes the present,

And as we sleep we hope to dream...

Of a chance to begin again

Where are you?

There is love.....



Drew said...

Hey Adrian,

I know the odds are pretty slim, but that's not Helen, is it?

--Drew (from Montserrat)

snakedance said...


the odds are in favor that this is indeed a portrait of our dear Eleni;)

thanks so much for checking out the page!

Drew said...

I saw a link on Montserrat's alumni news page and had to check it out. I don't know how many people from school are still creating, and am glad to see you are. Where are you these days?


snakedance said...

well I try to find time to continue to create but time is not a luxury I have unfortunately....

I am still living in Japan for the time being..