Saturday, August 18, 2007

phoenix twins

wandering eyes alone in all this empty air

green dreams curled up fetal and fluorescent

lazy horrors hover on the warmish breath of the night winds current

no point of orientation in this place

even though it took them days to reach

he hesitates to listen

to stretch out his ears

to listen for a voice

the crushed iron throat of a dead giant

still heaving

the sickening sound of all these hanging things

making dull contact with each other

hollow thuds

in absolute defiance

in slow anger

with bits still clinging there against the pole

moon like an impossibly healing scar in motion

there she rises wetly

slowly growing older

in the deepening tenor of night

the blackness thins then mists away

and whirls the dawn drowning hues

around her form

her canopy

her labyrinth

her sixty second sentiment

summer dress

reborn and beautiful

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