Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stone House

in disguise and walking through some far away hall of fame

on some rocky shore

all that dried paint ruined your brushes

from here on high dances the scattering crow winds

from here on high we're slightly hypnotized

by the confusing waves crashing coldly

on December beach

from here on out watching single gulls

erasing a path through the darkening skies

while those who moved away witnessed

blasted brushstrokes of cloud from vicious railways

mountains removed from cloud cover

send formations of birds westward to contradict the rain

from here on high the memory you hold

some sweet childhood together we missed

barely there

you concentrated on unclenching your hands

to cast a stone into that cold crashing spray

wanting to shake that forbidden fruit from your hair

to taste our time with all your broken arrows

planting flowers on that rocky shore

a refuge of orchids now grow there these days

petals kissing the ground

all whilst breathing in the familiar scent

of her razor winter

she is coming


JOHNo said...

I want this photo!
There's passion in those words. There's also something very "other-worldly" about these poems (often the photos too); I often think of your photos as a kind of dream-Xerox, or, if one could photograph memories, then I believe they'd look like this.

snakedance said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!
I'm so happy that you have read into them in this way. It is very much the feeling I hope to convey..

when I first started making these images I came up with the label "Abstract narrative landscapes with figure" on a whim..I guess that's as close asw I can get to explaning the work....

I'm really really glad you enjoy them and I am making a note of the images you have expressed intrest in so that I may make prints for you!

been busy shooting for the show in October but will get some stuff printed for you between now and then for sure.