Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Wastes of Time IV

we began to believe

understand and separate these stranger days

these old wastes, wet stains of time

we rethought the patterns

rethought the words but remained the same

to tired to change

three eyeless gaze at the surrounding clouds

surrender to the love of crowds

our submission began the swift descent

How rightly concerned we were for future days

and never made it beyond the killing fields

all the professional words of the dying

we concerned ourselves with fractions of desire

a split second reenacted to stretch beyond life for the briefest of moments


and though we never heard the sound

or understood its true intention

the cracking shot rang loud and tumbling

as sanguine spilling spray hissed on cold November stone

steaming between the ghostly cracks

we gave the world

to hear the word

a limited engagement

to find life again

a hard thing to argue

a harder thing to hold....

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