Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dawn Losing Ground

restricted to amber

your battery now near empty

most survivors of history take up other ways to kill time

erratic butterfly flight leaving trails of orange and black

against the cloudless burning blue sky

pulled your cool cold heart toward me

gave it a squeeze and sent searchlights

to run alongside your new dreams

I tasted the unmistakable sweetness of your ghostly neon breeze

felt the tender pink tip of breaking dawn even with closed eyes

heard the four chords of hazy summer wind from another country

watched it lift and row through the faint Autumn ground where we first lay as one

grave silent


and ending

happy on different paths

for finally embracing our nature

and smashing black buildings

to set each other free at last

gathering up translucent petals of memory

that fall softly with feline grace

around the sweetest cords of memory

a tribute to you


Dr Nibblez said...

That is very nice indeed.
We definitely need to look into doing something together for Gravity.
I have in mind one of your photos with my graphics and your poem on top in a kind of limited edition poster form.
Whaddya reckon?

snakedance said...

Thank you so much for the comment...
It really is much appreciated.

I reckon that would be quite a fun thing to do together! I can give you an original copy of most any image you like...

free artistic reign to use it as you see fit.

much obliged kind sir.

CY said...

How do you do it? Where do you even begin? I am fascinated.

snakedance said...

Many thanks CY once again! I'm not sure how these collections of words come to be honestly....
they're a mixture of things but I'm happy they are enjoyed!