Friday, August 10, 2007


I needed some kind of seeking vision

to compete with the power

of your naked shadow castaway

forgotten mementos, Arctic waters

our time as a sinking ship

your picture on the wall

the small spaces between the falling rain

came together to form your smile today

since then and ever after

on every overcast glorious grey day

there is a reason to rejoice


CY said...

Pretty! I love the idea of "small spaces between the falling rain." It's very haiku-like. I bet if you actually got to go in between things, you would be in another world.

snakedance said...

Thanks very much CY! I've always been a fan of rainy days..not 15 consecutive ones but I certainly wouldn't mind a week straight... especially where I live now. Those days are seldom and I find myself missing the Autumn and Winter months from where I grew up more and more.. Ah well, it gives me something to write about anyway....

CY said...

Yes, the land of sweaters and scarves and crisp autumn days. I would miss it, too.

snakedance said...

I can't remember the last time I even wore a sweater. I had a really oversized black thing that made me look like a bear from a distance that I considered to be my uniform for winters back in the old country...

I'd love to have a tin cup of hot cider.
drinking it under changing leaves maybe sitting on a haystack in front of some old reddish barn..

I hate summer

CY said...

I can smell the cider and the hay have here in my grey cubicle. The day is cold on my face, but my hands are warm from the cup.