Thursday, October 11, 2007


she hoped one day

to catch those ribbons of melody in the sky

and those lights....

that purple muttering sound

his words that thaw night like spring to ice

sounds like bright bands clasping tight

sounds like she might sleep tonight

and how can it be so cold in September?

Is it too much to ask him by moonlight?

By the faintest scent of holy basil

rose winds in the morning

tailwinds in the evening

traveling towards their annihilation

carefully selected, plucked then pushed away...

just remember the time

he tore through the rain fields to find you

to bring you back East

though it cracked those frozen blue jewels

on your cardinal mask

and as the city rises

they're singing their hurt over the sweet unknown

I still hear so much about them

dressed in black

in endless protest to each others absence

in desperate need of someone to put an end to this

in happily ever laughter.


JOHNo said...

Perhaps the best piece I've read.
Beautiful, and a beautifully apt photo.

There appears to be story in every poem, and they all elicit myriad emotions.

snakedance said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through these pieces. It really makes it all worth it to hear such kind words!

I think they are perhaps all different chapters in the same story and I'm concerned that it may become repetative...but I do love the world that is being created here:)