Sunday, October 7, 2007

Your Core

toneless winds carry chimes that sigh

through the sliding grip of their clasped hands

that start the slow sinking engines of the great machine

solitude and quiet dreams

waking up in tall grass

still sticking together through all the endless decay

and since this season never ends I'll drink it away

inhaling long mists that wrap around graves

all laced up and ready to go

in a car with nothing but static whispers on the radio

the windows don't work

they've all been replaced by twilight films

the steering wheel is locked and we're speeding downhill

it won't be too bad

as long as you're there

as long as you...


CY said...

That is the best opening line. My head goes all whirly from reading it.

snakedance said...

Thanks for such a kind comment! I'm relly glad you like it! I'm not sure exactly where that line comes from but I'm pretty sure it's from around the East coast of the U.S....

Those kinds of winds seemed to blow around the seaside in October/November as I recall......

I always wished there were warm bonfires on the beach during those times...