Wednesday, October 3, 2007

in the distance

stolen glances and alterations

to the soft shimmering haze of your silhouette

filling the sky with fragile words of hope

and today I believe after seven long years

perched on a broken bridge waiting out winter

as your Spanish galleon ran ashore to a field of cold roses

blooming in blue sepia tones

the sea breeze scatters the petals around your black army jacket

there's a frozen white horse in a musical glass globe

and inside it snows

while we're crawling through the hollows

sifting through the laughter of blown minds

patiently perched on your right shoulder wading through winter

as your love explodes like a frost grenade

in a slow serenade

the face of a season you can not remember

looking once more

at last tears in the mirror


CY said...

Call me crazy, but this one tastes like Bailey's on ice.

snakedance said...

I love that!!!
that is giving me quite alot of ideas for new pieces!!!

word flavours..
memories as tastes!!
VERY interesting.

thank you very much for this!