Monday, October 15, 2007

The shallows

You needed something to cover your eyes

while trying to hold back your own hand from turning pages

changing times

blankets of sound


hard pressed to gain entry

to these ancient caves of memory

I brought all the books I thought I'd ever need

when all that really mattered was the paper

to make up

for what she needed so much to hear

snake charmer

In the church near Cabot St.

The pine sway chorus now frosted

pale light shining through the small basement window

where once she so loved to be there with hymn

now he's all moved out

the pictures so faded they look like your paintings

in kinship and in flames

misread the serpent

still loved you so dearly

coughing up dark water

on a train traveling the opposite way

as the last silver discs of pink twilight

sank under smokey overcast clouds

black mountain crowned

I looked desperately for you when the doors finally opened

as if such a memory could simply be made

by passing through the eyes

while cold wind whispers through the starlight shade

as your stone hands wave goodbye

as a world is blown away

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