Friday, July 6, 2007


Two drops of oil splash down

in the avalanche forest

stark and darkly to the moon a railway rises

we tiptoe hand in hand

to dreams in front of chocolate opaque light


battle for the title of remembrance

he shakes his mane for the baby octopus he ate

it stank up the whole house

muddied up our already short attention spans

and knocked us together sideways

a splash there in the avalanche

dips toward the Terra

and in a second blinks twice to catch the oval sky

falling around us

shuffling barefoot through darkness

and breathing together

knock a splashing avalanche

into 10 minuets time with you


CY said...

This one makes me want to twirl in the wind and gaze at the stars.

snakedance said...

that would be quite nice...

There is a great lyric from an Innocence Mission song called "Go".. "I want to whirl you around with your eyes closed" I always thought it would be at night like that...
thanks for the comment:)