Sunday, July 15, 2007

Heart Blind Dialouge

lost wishes hissing


constituting this condition

conditioning remission set back a step or two

a walk down these streets still thoughts of you

secret lines break the daylight and cars pass by


the bedroom window closed and cold

it's a situation now

A broken bottle reflection passed onwards

no single solid object to suffer

to release

to understand

to hear a voice over speakers or on the phone

over the lines and times that bind us to the ground

to the sounds of crowds

to a place where you're waiting

through trees that sway

through passing days

held close in yellow lit room

but these days are over now

as are your pictures

worn out and faded

crystal precision smudged with time

tears away minds that focus on disassociation

this failing friendship slips

to become one more mark in the bone yard below

tried so hard but still i wonder....

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