Wednesday, July 18, 2007

windowpain II

Frosted, shut glass eyes needed to share this moment

this refusal, this distortion

laid to rest now on patterned flowers

set the ticking of the clock skipping beats and breaking..

straight faced grins into expressions of questions

past and present but always tense.....I knew you.....

before all this stopped and started

again this setting sun, sail away

the starlight flight of a dying day

left alone to wander

torn apart and ripped asunder

the face down cards unfold

A way of life as voices

they murmur and dance for the visions of those who lay sleeping

those without heaven


JOHNo said...

first, I feel honoured to have two of your photos (including this one) gracing the walls of my home. Just about everyone comments on them. Since reading your blog, I've spotted a couple more I'd love to buy. Perhaps you could bring a few out to Shionoe?

Second, have you thought about combing the poetry and photos; some kind of collage or something?

Thanks for the daily fix.

snakedance said...

I'm truly happy to hear that...
thank you so much for having a look now and again and I would be more then happy to make you some copies of whatever ye fancy!
We have got to get together sometime!!

actually, this week I shall be alone for 3 days so perhaps it would be a good time? Shall send you a mail with more info tomorrow if thats allright?

That would be quite an interesting thing to explore, a photo collage type thing... I'm a massive fan of Doug and Mike starn (previously known as The Starn Twins) older stuff more so then newer stuff. Do ye know them?