Tuesday, July 31, 2007


reclining there on a blanket stretched out

in the swaying grass

red birds, summer dress

falling snow

black braids ending in chestnut brown dead ends

her bird like face changes every few months from so far

everything they never wanted came true

and now it's winter drifts all the way up the poles

and now framed in fours in the oak windowpane

palms pressed against the cool glass

and now as then, her shadow purrs and licks

and now first two then four wheels turning

an apology not unlike those last hazy days

hooves temper through still water

haunted lilies ghostly and glowing

hovering just above the mirrored surface

reflecting the flickering sun ascending...

it's trails flecked with clinging honey beads of dew

all the way above Saturn bending it's beams there

a silk web of gradated light and shade

ankle deep in cool marsh water, standing...

holding onto the scenery

ever forgotten faces and happiness

passing by, nothing holds them back now

walking slowly forward drinking deep

of the mossy firefly spatted air

a thousand petals and a thousand more blades

spin in agreement

in unison

around the great gale of her presence

razor winter bears her soft wrists

under tended moonlight black blood pools

around an empty stage

where he once played to scores

screams the night hawk crying

the amber throat golden echo

of all her years of rage

reach a crescendo

as he cup shells to both ears

submitting to the maelstrom and the unyielding pull

the release of swirling tides

blast them apart

waves crash through

pieces of all the loves they knew

know now this...

every gleaming bone in our bodies

is alive with high flying ragged red banners

there on the highest rampart of our unbreakable will

still flying forever proud

in defense of all our Autumn moments

under that swirling canopy of October's tones

a long length of braid

pressed between books in a clear plastic bag

a reminder of that bird like face

slightly pointed lips

liquid dark star

casting a ruined anchor

straight into the soft riverbank

of her lost and forgotten textures

resonating from each broken corner

the sound of that empty space

between them...

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