Tuesday, July 24, 2007


first aid followed downwards

down south and word of mouth

downtrodden plodding aimlessly

wretched financially grey kicked curb

crumbling remains accumulated hardship

tender judgment

breaking bridges cutting rope

cut the throat

useless knife now dull of hope

thrown away spinning on the horizon

on the top pines

perched watching from a distance

eye spots dark, black silhouettes

seen sitting hunched over the grey kicked


Gorgon crumbling


refrains from submission

given permission

wanderlust taken by the hand in a low mist

at 3:00 in the morning

and in her honor

the sodium lights glow blow out from above

clicked off.


Jack said...

Heading into beat poetry/freestyle rap territory with this one.
Are you thinking of incorporating any poems into the Gravity show?

snakedance said...

yeah this is certainly a more fluid one..This was actually written about 10 years ago...
right after I moved to Florida for a spell..

not sure about poems at the Grav. show. maybe just print up some card with a link to the blog on it?

JOHNo said...

I think a poetry-card would be nice. Pretty much like the blog: an image and the accompanying poem on a postcard? Or image front-side, poem flip-side?

Well, I'd buy one!

snakedance said...

That is a GREAT idea John! I wish I had the time to do that...or at least find out an easy way to do it...
I'm just lazy I guess..

that being said I'm gonna try to do it up!
I'll give you any sucessful ones!

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