Thursday, July 5, 2007

Snow Antidote

treasured gloom

the wind blows patterns of sunlight, spotlights

of morning light

kiss the complex lace there across several planks

of the worn wooden floor

I left your house in the middle of all that snow

made so much heavier

by the twisting ribbons of twilight

the arching branchscape black skeletal branches

slightly betray signs of a warm spring

against the fiery preaching reign of razor winters

calamitous frosty brass breath

like wolves howling for you sad brown eyes

to watch over the pine wreckage forest

blinked away as you flashed momentarily

there on the tip of a sunsetting ocean

impossibly real

tearing tender moments from welded iron trapdoors of memory

and all those changing fall days


JOHNo said...

I'm really enjoying daily fix of photo and poetry. This is a great photo (I want to buy it!), and I especially like these lines:

"made so much heavier

by the twisting ribbons of twilight"

snakedance said...

thanks for much for taking the time to check out the blog! I'm glad it's of intrest. I can defintly give you a copy of this image if you like...