Thursday, September 6, 2007

move to music

willingly in chains

with the mask of time passing subtle victories

all clear

all inspiration

red rusting runaway moments

tend to your escape plans so beautifully

it is a privilege

to accompany your ghost

down your down your downward spiral

closing in to fix the shattered glass face

of that pocket watch

another 60 second sentiment

of a home high in the mountains


but now,

a spotlight of blue flames pacing slowly

there around your absorbing skin

there on the wing swept sands

shaking paper angels from the phantom wisps

the trailing auburn streaks in your hair

high tide


there burning high in this bonfire night

all those pictures of sinking ships

drawn by your slight steps on those cold white sands

will eventually be collected by the curious waves

waltzing and whirling ankle deep now

dismissing the cold

as the fire flickers reflected there in your dress

in concert with the starlight and bare white


dancing on December beach

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