Monday, September 3, 2007

sphere of ambition

sunlight strikes

drills hills, holes through the listless clouds

like a falling steel beam underwater

colored footfalls down strobe lit streets and hallways

inside storm windows rattle

with the nervous metallic sky

ready to break in compliance with the falling heavens

a hurried reflection flattens

and dances against the iron grain of the day

nimble around all the attention we never paid

even so, hope grows like ivy

slowly wrapping around

black bolted gates

paint flaking white and red rusted bridges

in the open evening like an industrial jawbone

your arms open as in crane flight

sleeping secrets away in flat plains

undercover 'till that wretched sun goes away

to escape these black buildings

shattering a monolith

with a bulls eye drip drip dripping

there on your proud breast

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