Monday, September 10, 2007

the smallest world

when it finally came to see you again

every last hope you ever had carried me to the sands

half asleep with sea birds calling

carried over the sea

on a rising tide of miserable unreal flowers

he's walking away through their grey morning

while she sits home up in bed building bleak possibilities

what's she trying to say?

what led her to these reflections?

speeding through tomorrows like a serpent through the acid rain

brave breaking lonely leaps

infused with the rose pink breath of pale dawn

shining signs through the sleeping pines dozing in a clearing

sunlight locks its jaws on the flattened tops of daises

all around

she's raining paper angels through the threats of razor winter

he's following her lead wondering what tears at this point,

can possibly wash away

he collects her waking puffs of morning breath

in lovingly cupped hands

inbetween slipping fingers

in things dreamed, said and had

in so far as you be gone....

and for what it's worth,

It was then that I watched the sky burst

and cascade a tempest of beautiful shimmering paper angels

around the capes where we shared a setting sun

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