Thursday, September 6, 2007


falling into patterns of resentment

now cornered with fair warning by his animal chorus


and on that night

swearing by cold comets passing by

he witnessed her as she swore to never be like them

blue white sands and it's night now on singing beach

moonlight performing on the water

as crescent lit ripples lap around bare ankles

A warm wind blows from those frozen black rocks

far away in the unfair distance

6 senses all glowing

through this wreath of gloom

and through all this do they patiently wait

for the sound of wings

her seven wonders all crumble in slow motion

suffering their stranded foolish tears

granting forgiveness

for breaking each others hearts

quietly calling night waves

daring them to dash...

where in the world...



Horrorwood said...

I have to say that I'm enjoying these more and more. Maybe I've got used to your style or maybe the poems that you've been posting of late are more to my liking...

Either way, beautiful stuff.

I'm thinking of a whole damn book of collaborative work - what do you think?

snakedance said...

I can't thank you enough kind sir...

the odd comment or two is enough for me to continue putting these things together and so I shall!!!

I'm thinking we should definitly do some more collaboration mon ami...

if we could just get a sponsor...sigh........
ah well..