Tuesday, September 25, 2007

to dance...

Green dreams frolic in scarlet skies

while there on singing sands does she lengthwise lie

recalling, falling paper angels what once was born

now sinking like ships on this cape of storms

soft glows her reflection in the still waters calm

as black buildings rise and keep her from harm

the night myth fills spaces where love once grew

crippled and blind still thought of you

and though each day drives us further apart

loves twilight violence preaches from her warriors heart

in the frozen world where winter tides swell

basking in cold dawn where all will be well

wild flowers and birds return to your ghost

as the four seasons colors collect on the coast

made three silent wishes for all that we knew

found the softest black star sky high and blew

it was then when those lost hopes at last did appear

and started healing hearts to shine through all your dark years

where green dreams frolic in the settling skies

slow dancing on singing sands with true tears in their eyes

spirit rising

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