Sunday, September 16, 2007

A memory of red cliffs

solitary white gull clearing the clouds

forest opens and creeps its first few steps on the warm red rocks

with her a few steps behind

there's a storm fence with large holes

A place protected

I thought I wanted to build a home for you there

peering over the edge

watching tidal curiosity come and go

while the surf spirals as emerald current gathers..

in this rock garden sown by the seas

you found a single starfish

holding on tight to a barnacled rock

as I held in to you the night before

tidal times and moments shimmer

on the scratched glass like brittle surface of the water

stretching waves yawn

as they crash their bouquets of foam against these waiting red rocks

10 years ago

she's shimmering in the breeze

another country away

down where we belong


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